I have finally finished with the rebuild of my EAW KF650 loudspeakers. Way cool! I just have one rack rebuild left for the winter preventative maintenance, and I’ll be ready to rock for the warm busy season.

Here’s what all was required:

  • remove all components down to bare cabinets
  • strip and sand covering from cabinets
  • examine all bracing
  • load test flying hardware
  • rebuild foam parabolic mid horn on two cabs
  • resurface cabinets with DuraTex
  • impedance sweep – phase and amplitude on all drivers (15″, 10″ and 4″/2″ compression driver each)
  • characterize and repair crossovers
  • install crossovers and drivers
  • new acoustic foam on grilles & reinstall

They once again look like brand new, fully pro gear. Better yet, they have been sonically restored to factory-fresh greatness. They sound downright awesome! Here’s a pic of the finished product:

KF650 - rebuilt

KF650 - rebuilt

Speaking of the upcoming festival season, I’ll be relaunching q music inc’s sound reinforcement service as Rocket Surgery Productions. These KF650’s  will be the top boxes for this year’s ‘A’ rig. With the subs, these will be powered with two QSC PL236 and two QSC 3402 per side — a total of 28,000 watts. Clean, clear, slammin’ sound for you and a couple thousand of your closest friends.

Need sound? Hit me up for a consultation!

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