As posted previously, two years ago, I botched the moving of this site from one hosting provider to another. Today, I finally cared enough to do something about it. On the off change it may help someone else, I enclose the notes below. I’ll (probably) be back to clean these notes up — more likely if anyone expresses an interest.

Created database through cheapwebmall cPanel

edited wp-config.php for the new database host, name, password
ftp’d up the database backup from the old site

nikto:backup-a94b5 <localuser>$ ftp <remoteuser>
<<login stuff>>
ftp> cd _db_backups
250 OK. Current directory is /_db_backups
ftp> put db295303288_wp_20140411_274.sql
local: db295303288_wp_20140411_274.sql remote: db295303288_wp_20140411_274.sql
227 Entering Passive Mode (97,74,144,87,198,128)
150 Accepted data connection
100% |*****************************************************************************| 20351 KiB 3.01 MiB/s 00:00 ETA
226-File successfully transferred
226 6.830 seconds (measured here), 2.91 Mbytes per second
20839600 bytes sent in 00:18 (1.08 MiB/s)

At this point, I could browse the front end of the blog!
However, can’t log into admin:
message at after restore:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _relocate_children() (previously declared in /<homedir>/html/ in/<homedir>/html/ on line 1187


Google turns up
leads me to
(deactivate all plugins through phpMyAdmin)
option_name:active_plugins, option_value was


changed to



Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _relocate_children() (previously declared in /<homedir>/html/ in/<homedir>/html/ on line 1187

Returning to the general wordpress 3.9 troubleshooting page, it looks like I many need to do a manual install

Am I at 3.9?

[<remoteuser>@<server> blog]$ cat wp-includes/version.php
* The WordPress version string
* @global string $wp_version
$wp_version = '3.8.6';

Hmm… maybe partially 3.9 and partially 3.8.6?

Manual update:

After following steps in above page, and trying to log in to the backend, I got the ‘Database Upgrade Required’ message – which has a big blue button entitled ‘Update WordPress Database’. So I did.